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    The 37th Year of the NPFDA Scholarship

    The National Poultry and Food Distributors Association Scholarship Foundation has given almost $215,000.00 to rising leaders in the 37 years it has been operating. Every year since 1979, NPFDA has awarded a select group of deserving students with a scholarship to help them complete their poultry or agriculture related degrees.

    In the Past:

    The NPFDA scholarship began when its leadership saw the need for outstanding “People Resources” in the agricultural industry. In 1986, the William Manson Family Memorial Scholarship and the Alfred Schwartz Memorial Scholarship Awards were established. In 1997, NPFDA named a third scholarship award the Albin S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Award.


    The yearly award has increased to $2500 per student and the number of students to be awarded has increased to 5 ($12, 500 total in awards). The NPFDA scholarship committee chooses five exceptional students each year. Two students will be chosen from NPFDA Member Companies (employees or children of employees). In spring of 2015, 81 eligible applications were considered. Four scholarship recipients and an alternate were chosen.


    The funds for the 2016-2017 scholarships come from private cash donations and donations to NPFDA’s annual silent auction.  The silent auction is held each January during the Annual Convention in Atlanta at the Awards reception.

    Information for Current Students:

    Each applicant must:

    • Be a college junior or senior during the upcoming school year

    • Be enrolled as a full-time student

    • Be pursuing a poultry or related agricultural degree, i.e. Agricultural Business, Poultry Science, Food Science, Animal Science, Food Marketing, Ag. Econ, and other related business and agricultural degrees.

    • Provide his or her sealed official transcript- this can be sent directly from the school or by the student in a sealed envelope.

    • Provide a letter of recommendation from his or her Dean, Department Head, and/or advisor- this may also arrive separately.

    • Complete the application

    • Provide a one-page letter describing his or her goals and aspirations

    All applications and documents are due by 5/3/16. Only official transcripts will be considered after 5/31/16 due to the short timeframe between the end of the semester and the deadline.

    Click Here for the application 

    In late spring, the scholarship committee will review all applicants. The scholarship winners are chosen based on their aspirations, extra-curricular activities, as well as their academic progress. It is NPFDA’s goal not only to help students achieve their degrees, but to help students who may become effective leaders in our industry one day.

    NPFDA Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

    2014 Osborne Rd

    Saint Marys, GA 31558


    Phone: (770) 535-9901

    Fax: (770) 535-7385


    Information for donating:

    The foundation would not exist if not for the financial support of our industry. The generous donations of the Manson Family Memorial and other members' contributions have made the scholarship possible.

    Next year’s silent auction will be held Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at NPFDA’s annual convention in Atlanta. Monetary donations are accepted year-round.

    Members and other industry personnel are encouraged to consider aiding in this worthy project.  Donations may be sent to the NPFDA office.  NPFDA will increase the awards as funds allow.  You may make your donation in memory of an individual - NPFDA will inform the membership and the family of the donation.   The foundation and its activities are approved by the IRS and donations are tax deductible.