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G & C Foods

G & C Foods

3407 Walters Road Syracuse, NY 13209
Syracuse, NY 13209
(315) 422-3191 x 2190
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Company Overview

G&C was incorporated in 1976 and is one of the most respected redistributors in the Northeast. We deliver frozen, refrigerated and dry goods to customers in 28 states throughout the eastern half of the country. Our warehouse is 346,000 square feet and we deliver approximately 9 million pounds of beef, chicken, pork and bulk foods weekly. We utilize state of the art tracking systems to ensure accuracy and product integrity.
Donna Craig
Chip Labourdette
David Lepage
Jordan Brody
Kyle Fillion Purchasing/Sales
Melissa Swen
Ralph Newton
Rich Chapman President
Robby Englehart
NPFDA Logo Distributor