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Holly Poultry

Holly Poultry

2121 Wicomico Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 727-6768
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Company Overview

Holly Poultry is committed to producing high-quality products that involve our associates in creating a safe, secure, and productive work environment that will meet or exceed our customer and consumer expectations. Food safety and product quality will be achieved by:
• A commitment to training all employees on their responsibility for food safety. They will receive GMP and Food Safety training prior to starting work and annually thereafter.
• Maintaining a strong commitment to our HACCP and Food Safety programs.
• Continuous improvement in all our manufacturing processes and our Quality Control programs.
• We will produce these products by being Culture Conscious, Customer Driven, and Community Focused.
Zach Fine CEO
Ali Hakimi
Dan Garland
Frank Salefski
Frank Bush
Hank Ankeny HR
Jim Burnham
John Finnegan Director, Sales & Marketing
Johnny Vasquez
Katie Winkler
Mike Fine Owner
Rebecca Dillon
Roy Tarash CFO
Tom Gallizzo
Tom Dugas
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