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Keystone Foods, LLC

Keystone Foods, LLC

6767 Old Madison Pike Road Bldg 5
Huntsville, AL 35806
(256) 964-1000
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Company Overview

Keystone Foods is a leading supplier of protein products to major chain
restaurants, food service providers and retail outlets around the world
with approximate sales of $2.7 billion worldwide. Our customer base
includes more than 36,000 quick-service restaurants, major food service
and industrial companies as well as retail outlets around the world.
Sales offices, dedicated R&D centers and 25 manufacturing facilities
operate in 6 countries across North America and the Asia Pacific.
Globally, we process approximately 2 billion pounds of poultry and 32 million
pounds of fish annually. We also process more than 300 million pounds of
beef and 12 million pounds of pork internationally every year.
Acquired by Tyson Foods in 2018, we provide high-quality food solutions
to the world’s finest and most-recognizable brands, partnering to feed a
growing world sustainably.
Terry Tolbert VP Supply Chain Execution
Alex Bilinski
Alex Su
Andrew Todd
Anel Atencio
Angelo Luther
Ashley Roberts
Barb Masters
Berry Wright
Bill Griffith President, Keystone US
Billy Wassmer
BJ Svajgl
Bob Bowers
Bob Dowdy
Bob Lauxen
Bob Steele
Brent Hester
Brian Covington VP Food Safety &QA
Bruce Andrews
Bryan Clardy VP Innovation
Chad Odefey
Cheryl Featherly
Chris Martin
Christopher Reeves
Chuck Cooper
Clark Dobbs VP Supply Chain
Clay Banks
Crystal Graham VP Finance
Dan Moreno
Dane Bernard
Dave Hunter
David Cardwell
David Eskew
David Griffith
David Sewell
Debra Gray
Diana Dram
Dianna Anderson
Don Adams
Don McFarland
Don Wisdom Head of Operations
Ed Delate
Edward Dalton
Elizabeth Hornbuckle
Ernie Meier
Frank Ravndal CEO
Gary Clay
Gary Dunlap
Gary Neitzke
Greg Clayborn
Gus Beltran
Helen Moreland
Hutch Smith
Jack Conaway
Jack Starkey
Jaimie Kingrey
Jamison Smith VP Human Resources
Jason Shell VP Futher Processing Operations
Jason White
Jay McMillan
Jeff Edwards
Jeff Seeley
Jenelle Duncan
Jeremy Rollins
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Williams
Jerry Micco
Jim Durango
Joey Cox
John Armstrong
John Hickman
Jon Clanton
Jonathan Lacy
Joseph Bershad
Joseph Napolitino
Justin Ransom
Karl Sturtz
Kate Johns
Katheryn Madden
Keisha Porter
Ken Hart
Ken Kostal
Ken Opengart
Ken Smithmier
Kim Rice
Larry Pate
Larry Richardson
Laura Moulden HR
Lisa Reighn
Lora Sellers
Mark Barker
Mark Cheney
Marshall Coleman
Matt Jolliff
Matt McDaniel
Michael Murray VP Sales & Marketing
Mike Haywood
Mike Wetsch
Nandini Natrajan
Neissa Simon
Oriana Brown
Pat Sigler
Philippe Crop
Phillip Drake
Randy Cline
Richard Frazier
Rick Domhoff
Rob Engelstad
Robert Pattie
Robert Williams
Robin Jones
Ron Mottin
Roy Williams
Ryan Neal
Sandra Williams
Sarah Hendricks
Scott Gardner
Shane Guy
Shannon Morgan VP Live Operation
Shaun Morris
Spence Jarnagin
Stacey Grant
Susan Lorenz
Terence Skinner
Tim Easterling
Tim Esslinger
Tim Larkin
Tim Stockton
Tim Ward
Tina Williams
Todd Grisham
Tom Harris
Tony Delk
Tracy Riggens HR Director
Travis Wright
Verna Matthews
Wanda Moody
Will Jeffries
William Andersen
William Gully
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