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Koch's Turkey Farms

416 Valley Road
Tamaqua, PA 18252
(800) 247-7300
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Company Overview

At Koch's Turkey Farm, we also raise Organic Turkeys certified by Pennsylvania Organic Certifiers. These turkeys are raised by the strictest standards in the industry and are fed a GMO free diet. We are also proud to announce our most recent mission to produce an All Natural, Antibiotic-Free, and Non-GMO fed turkey.

Koch's Turkey Farm is one of very few family owned turkey farms left committed to producing the cleanest, healthiest, and best tasting turkey you can buy. Our high growing standards focused on a pure vegetarian diet and humane practices results in a stress free life for our turkeys, which in turn results in a tender, great tasting turkey.
Brock Stein
Barb Koch
Matt Andescavage
Pam Williams