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Red Bird Farms Co.

Red Bird Farms Co.

2520 S Raritan St.
Englewood, CO 80110
(800) 333-2473
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Company Overview

Specializing in fresh poultry, never any antibiotics, hand trimmed, custom cut. Tray pack case ready retail line or CVP and vacuum pack
cases for food service. Our chicken is truly fresh and never deep chilled. USDA and SQF certified facility in Denver since 1949.
Bill Snakenberg
Amy Cler Executive Assistant
Brad Fedorczyk
Chris Delaney
Emiko Torito
Eric Evert
Gabe Cobes
Gavino Barron
Jay Merkle
Jeff Gross
Josh Deaner
Justin Grover
Leo Armenta
Lloyd Lister
Mareo Torito
Mark Kutner
Marquita Griego
Neil Wilkinson
Orlando Romero
Scott Rumbeck
Tracie Ware
Tracy Radford
NPFDA Logo Processor/Distributor

Areas of Expertise Processor/Distributor