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Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions

Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions

950 Breckenridge Lane Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 896-5905
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Company Overview

Successful supply chains are agile, adaptable and designed to respond to sudden changes in supply and demand. Changes in the world food supply, government legislation, natural disasters, and geopolitical trends are just a few key factors in managing a highly effective supply chain. Supplier partnerships are critical in the delivery of food, packaging, and equipment to owner restaurants and as such, RSCS will develop and foster innovative relationships with supplier and distributor partners. Creating a collaborative environment where all four segments of our supply chain are aligned, represents our vision in a sustainable supply chain.
Rich Eddington Sr, Director Poultry Procurement
David Ryan
Pete Suerken
Sara Fisher Sr, Manager Poultry
Steve Campisano Director Poultry Procurement
NPFDA Logo Distributor

Areas of Expertise Distributor