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Get connected and stay connnected. The National Poultry and Food Distributors Association is here to provide a forum for food distributors, processors, and allied industries that fosters long term relationships through the exchange of ideas. Today, we want to provide the following resources to you and your employees. 

Please contact if you have additional resources to add to this list. Thank you. We are better together! 

These three initiatives have been shared by

1. PPE and Medical Supplies: We’ve identified and organized high-quality suppliers of personal protective equipment to help those on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19. Relevant organizations in need can access them here.  

2. Virtual Fireside Chat: On Tuesday, March 31 at 3pm EDT, we will host a virtual fireside chat to share creative ideas and resources for small businesses of all kinds. We encourage all partners and SMBs to join us. Register here!

3. Working Capital Solutions: We joined forces with one of our partners, Kabbage, Inc, to support the launch of, a free program to help US businesses bridge the cash flow gap. It’s free for small businesses to sign up to offer online gift certifications, which will allow them to get access to immediate financial support.

Alibaba is having our next virtual fireside chat this coming Tuesday April 7. We will be speaking to Max Cohen, an entrepreneur who is supplying essential items for healthcare workers on the front lines.


From APPI Energy:

As the dedicated energy experts to both you and your members, we are here to help during this uncertain time as we face COVID-19 as a nation. Per our constant energy market analysis, this is an opportune time for your members to consider engaging with us as the market continues with record low energy prices. We do want to continue to serve your members with the utmost of professionalism, we wanted to get some feedback from you as we continue with business in our “new-normal” way.  Please provide your thoughts regarding your membership to the following questions:

  1. Are your members currently operational? If so, how is this affecting their operations?
  2. Would your members be willing to discuss their energy plan and look for any cost saving potential?
  3. Is there anything else we should be aware of?

We are all in this together and here to help anyway we can. Here is an informative article on the current status of the energy market and how COVID-19 is impacting prices and forecasts:


Families First Coronavirus Response Act:  

Click for an Educational piece from Fred Dawkins, Esq., Attorney and NPFDA Board Member, about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and what it obligates employers to do.  


Facebook Post from our Partners at Gallagher Affinity: : In the wake of the COVID-19 virus, here’s what you can expect from our partners at UPS: