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Partner Event: 2022 Poultry Tech Summit

Sunday, October 30, 2022 to Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Event Details

“This year’s Summit features a unique combination of presentations showcasing cutting-edge innovations that will advance poultry health, production and processing,” said Terrence O’Keefe, content director, WATT Global Media. “This event allows attendees to gain an insiders-look into the future of poultry technology.”Participants will hear from numerous speakers and panelists including keynote Nikki Shariat, Ph.D., with the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, who will discuss how next-generation sequencing improves food safety.Poultry Tech Summit includes more than 15 innovation and technology presentations in the categories of data and artificial intelligence, life sciences, robotics and automation, and food safety. Topics and speakers include harnessing the egg microbiome for early chick nutrition by Gina Sloan, Ph.D., AGRITX; automating and predicting bird weights with IoT by Silke Schantz, Exceldor; optimizing poultry house environmental controls with AI by Mark Maxwell, Agrimesh Technologies; solving automation challenges at the poultry farm by Shankar Jagdale, PakshiMitra Poultry Technologies; computer vision applications for counting, weighing eggs by Evan Anderson, Agrinerds; and many more.In addition the agenda includes three panel discussions and three tech talk presentations providing expert insights on tackling automation challenges, the biggest challenges and opportunities for raising poultry, tackling digitalization and standardization in environmental monitoring, combining data collection and vaccines to improve poultry health, the coming paradigm shift in Salmonella control, and digital pathogen monitoring platform for gastrointestinal and foodborne pathogens in poultry.The conference will bring together industry-changing innovators, researchers, start-up companies, investors and leading poultry producers to learn, discuss and network on the very latest in biology, engineering and business. Attendees will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas on the current and future needs of the poultry industry.To view the full agenda and to register visit,

Agenda preview:

  • Computer vision applications for counting, weighing eggs
  • Optimize poultry house environmental controls with AI
  • Automate and predict bird weights with IoT
  • Solving the chick sexing conundrum
  • Egg yolk feed additive promotes poultry gut health
  • Rapid identification, quantification of poultry pathogens
  • Poultry scalder filtration for pathogen reduction
  • Traceability in poultry supply chain transport logistics
  • Solve automation challenges at the poultry farm
  • Combine data collection, vaccines to improve poultry health

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