"NPFDA provides a great sounding board on poultry -related and business issues in that we can get other members' feedback on a range of ideas from insurance, labor issues, the state of the poultry market, etc. NPFDA also acts as a collection service for data and as a genuine "pulse" of the poultry industry. We do not always talk with you directly, but we do communicate with other members and know that NPFDA is there when we need assistance. NPFDA is also our 'ace in the hole' for hotel reservations in Atlanta!"

-Bill Zant, President, RW Zant Company, Los Angeles, CA

"This was my first year attending the NPFDA Fall Meeting. Unlike some other conferences, this one provides the perfect balance of “class” time (informational, professional growth, and learning) and individual/social time. Although I was away from my office for two days, I was easily able to find time to keep up with pertinent projects in my business while enjoying the informational sessions and social time with the group. I highly recommend attending the NPFDA Fall Meeting for professional growth, strengthening business relationships, and fun in the sun! "

-Sherri Harrison, Full Moon Sales

“NPFDA has been a large part of our success. It would have taken years for us to make the contacts we have made without our membership in NPFDA. NPFDA has provided us with so many growth opportunities through the contacts we make.”

-Marc Stock, General Manager, Holly Poultry

"Another fall meeting that was just fantastic. Our time with Doug Jones was so great that we wanted to go on and on discussing different ways to find solutions to our questions. The Resort at Ponte Vedra was nothing short of breathtaking and the fulfillment we have getting together with other NPFDA members is always a real enjoyment for me. We had such great weather and the GOLF was wonderful as well. I wish more of the members would have taken advantage of this opportunity to get away with some great people and get their ideas out there to help make a difference."

-Kenny Seeger, E & S Marketing

"NPFDA has provided me great opportunities to meet and associate with poultry buyers, distributors and other salespeople who are knowledgeable in our industry. This helps me stay better abreast of market conditions, trends and the events that allow me to stay on top of my business".

-Lee Wilson, Director of fresh and Foodservice Sales, Pilgrim’s Dallas, TX

"The focus of NPFDA is people. NPFDA actively organizes forums and creates environments where industry personnel together can exchange pertinent information, discuss common challenges, and explore business opportunities. My personal involvement on the NPFDA Board of Directors and various committees has been extremely fulfilling. With the support of Eastern Poultry, I have had the chance to foster many long term relationships that have added to our company's continued success in this difficult economy."

-Jon Poole, Eastern Quality Foods

“Every year NPFDA provides meetings for members to express ideas and discuss the many challenges our industry offers. Our Membership Network is our greatest asset and those who are involved get a valuable return on their investment. NPFDA offers a very diverse membership for which to network. Every year NPFDA provides opportunities to communicate and meet with our members and partners. What a small investment for such a large return. If you get involved the return is even greater. Not only professionally, but socially. I have been a NPFDA member for 14 years and each year I am thankful for the contacts, customers and friends NPFDA has provided me. It would have cost so much more than a membership fee to get the return NPFDA has provided me and my company."

-Walter Cooper, Claxton Poultry Farms

"I find the NPFDA Fall Meetings are best to visit with my industry peers, discuss common issues and problems and return to our business reloaded with new and different ideas to help grow our business. This past meeting was no exception. Doug Jones is an exceptional facilitator and a great resource. Combined with the great location and beautiful resort, my wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding area and the resort amenities with the friends we have made during the numerous NPFDA meetings we've attended. "

-Marc Stock, Holly Poultry

"My wife and I attend the Fall Meeting every year. It’s the perfect combination of work and play at some of the country’s top resorts. The connections that we’ve made over the years through NPFDA have been invaluable to our business."

-Ted Rueger, President, Eastern Quality Foods.

"It was great to experience the small group setting and really think about where my business is and where I want it to be. The key points I took away were communicate and think. Sounds kind of silly but if you communicate with your employees and coworkers well to begin with then that creates a strong foundation to grow a strong business because everyone is on the same page. The same goes with your customers. If you think about your business and your customer's business and really focus on where you are and where you want to be as well as where your customers want to be, then you will be successful."

-Sherry Rukgaber, A & D Sales

"All and all I thought it was a very productive outing. We attended two 3 hours sessions (Friday and Saturday) and we had some very constructive discussions addressing current issues within the poultry industry. I thought it was especially beneficial for me to hear our customers and competition speak about the challenges that everyone is facing right now and how companies are coping in different ways to remain profitable. Even more importantly, this trip allowed for some very valuable networking with existing customers and potential new customers alike. Now more than ever with the competitive nature of our industry I believe constant contact and face time is crucial to retaining and acquiring customers."

-Andrew Hays. Pilgrim's