Organization Overview

Specializing in all-natural chicken, foodservice, split tenders, jumbo and large party wings, jumbo and sized export legs.
Number of Employees: 3,000
Rob Dowell Director of Sales
Aaron Naster Sales Manager - International
Adam Elrod Division Sales Manager - Winesburg
Al Shuler
Allen Thomas Business Development
Brandon Pendley QA Manager
Brian Roberts VP of Sales & Marketing
Carlos Lopez
Charles Rigdon SR VP of Operations
Charlie Gillogly Business Development - Deli
Christopher Stertzback HR Recruitment
Donna Bryant
Eric Heskett Director of Veterinary Services
Gerald Kowalke
Grace Jones Recruiting Manager
Greg Whisenant
Hector Velez HR Manager
Jacob Blessing
Jamie Hightower Sales Director - FoodService
Jamie Roll Sales Rep - Winesburg
Janet Rzucidio Recruiting Manager
Jared Mitchell Director of Marketing
Jarrod Goodman VP of Live Operations
Jim Kline 1
Joey Long Chief Financial Officer
Kenny Causey Sales Rep - Goldsboro
Kevin Phillips President, COO
Kevin Stillwell HR Recruitment
Larry Epling Sr Director QA, Regulatory
Leonard Parks Director of HR
Lou Marsico HR Manager, Ohio
Mark Feddersen Division Sales Manager - Goldsboro
Mary Palacios Sales Rep - International
Matthew Herman
Megan Fisher
Mike Popowycz Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Natalie Weary Division Sales Manager - Canton
Sammy Caudle VP, GM Ohio Division
Susan Domenech HR Manager, Goldsboro
Teresa Harris QA Manager, Goldsboro
Tom Shelton
Tyler Zimmerman
Will Massey
NPFDA Logo Processor

Products & Services
Chicken All Natural, Chicken Boneless Jumbo Parts, Chicken Breaded Tenders, Chicken Jumbo Parts, IQF, , Patties, Tenders, Wings-Party, Processing-General
Areas of Expertise
Broiler Processor