Photo of Claxton Poultry Farms

Claxton Poultry Farms

(912) 739-3181

Organization Overview

Specializing in Fast Food Cut up, WOGS, CVP Parts, Portioning and Export. Serving the Northeast to the Southeast.
Number of Employees: 1800
Walter Cooper Sales
Allen Boudet
Bonnie Forehand
Brice Pound
Chris Daniel
Dane Beall Plant Manager
Derrick Oliver
Eric Sorel
Gregory Finch CFO
Ja Stephens Director of Human Resources
James McGinnis Director of Sales
Jeff Jones
Jeff Odom
Jim Dawe
Kelly Lester
Ken Hutchenson
Kim Goleash Export Manager
Lee Brown Improvement Manager
Mike Hughes Plant Manager
Mikell Fries
Paul Garrett
Paul Stavriotis
Ricky Roberts Plant Operations
SAM Peterson Transportation Manager
Scott Brady Sales
Steve Snyder
Steve Wales
Steven Fries
Tim Holloway
NPFDA Logo Processor

Products & Services
Specializing in CVP, CO2, Fryers, WOGS, Parts, Fast Food, Portioned Boneless, Sized Tenders, Export Products. Serving the Northeast to the Southeast.
Areas of Expertise
Processor (Other)