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Organization Overview

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products is a Seattle based manufacturer of all-natural pet meals for dogs and cats. We market our products direct to consumers throughout the United States on a subscription basis. Our premium product line is Natural Selections which consists of
free-range meats and organic vegetables. For customers seeking a more economical solution, we offer our Zoologics line which consists of hormone-free meat, with conventional vegetables. All meals are produced fresh and shipped frozen, direct to the consumer.
Darwin’s was founded in 2004 and has grown steadily with sales doubling approximately every 18 months. Key to our success has been a
commitment to using the highest quality ingredients and providing personalized customer-friendly service. We have achieved this in part
through a commitment to our philosophy of providing pet owners more quality time with their dogs coupled with deep supplier relationships with vendors who commit to our needs just as we commit to theirs.
Number of employees: 25
Javier Morales Director of Operations
Jim Bridges
Tricia Manning Accounting Specialist/Payroll/HR Liaison
NPFDA Logo Processor/Distributor

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