Photo of House of Raeford Farms/Filet of Chicken

House of Raeford Farms/Filet of Chicken

(910) 289-3191

Organization Overview

Specializing in NAE, NAIHM, Jumbo and Medium deboning, Wings, Tenders, Whole legs, Drums, Thigh Meat, IQF, Par-Fry, portion control, & Further processed chicken. Number of Employees: 4,500

Chan Windham
Chan Windham Vice President of Sales
Benjamin Walker
Bob Johnson
Carol Johnson
Chris Nolan
Chuck Kendrew Complex Manager
Chuck Underhill
Cliff Seay International Sales Manager
Cowan Johnson
Curtis Crickmore
Dave Wells
Dave Witter Manager Corporate Communications & Sustainability
Dawn Lynch
Don Taber
Hannah Cagle
Heather Smith
Holly Phillips
Jason Lee
Jason Mayo Live Operations Manager
Jeremy Paul
Jerimiah Parker
John Gregorich Staff
Jonathan Brazeal Account Manager
Jonathan Guy
JT Pope
Kathy Bradshaw
Kelly Galloway
Ken Qualls Chief Financial Officer
Lesley Scott
Michael Teachey
Nicole Reynolds
Patsy Elmore HR
Paul Herring
Phil Smith Corporate Sales Representative
Rick Smith
Robert Flagler
Robert Johnson CEO
Shannon Jennings
Steve Bonasia Manager of Foods Division Sales
Terrell McElheny Director of National Accounts
Whaley Casteen
Wilda Perez Human Resources Manager
NPFDA Logo Processor

Products & Services
Chicken B/S, Chicken Breaded Tenders, Chicken Broiler Parts, Chicken Broilers, Chicken Ground, Deli, IQF, Nuggets, Poly Bagged, Roaster Parts, Roasters, Tenders, Tray Pack, Turkey, Turkey Parts, Further Processing, Portion Control, Processing-General
Areas of Expertise
Processor (Other)