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Kelly's Foods

Kelly's Foods

650 Carter Road
Winter Garden, FL 34777
(407) 654-0500
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Company Overview

Specializing in custom marination and further processing, fresh and frozen chicken in all forms, fresh & frozen pork, fresh beef, processed chicken, pork, beef, turkey and other proteins. Kelly’s services retail meat markets, super markets, independent restaurants, national restaurants, theme parks & wholesale food distributors.

Our Coverage Area: Florida, Georgia and Alabama

Facilities: Kelly’s has 4 Distribution Centers located in Winter Garden, Jacksonville and Tampa, FL, and Atlanta, GA.
These centers move an excess of 4.4 million pounds of product through their distribution centers weekly.
Chris Sharp VP & Owner
Adam Zeigler VP Of Analytics
Andy Kelly CFO
Brandy Kelly
Chuck Bielec
Dennis Strickland
Don Muth
Erik Carlson
Ken Kelly
Kenny Kelly CEO and Owner
Lisa Sharp
Nicole Wolter HR
Richard Robertson President
Rick Swisher
Tara Martin
NPFDA Logo Distributor

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