Organization Overview

Quirch Foods is an importer, exporter and distributor of food products to the independent and chain supermarkets, food service distributors, processors and manufacturers, cruise lines, and restaurants. We proudly distribute fresh and frozen Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Fruits and Vegetables throughout our distribution network across the United States, Puerto Rico and export globally specializing in Central/South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Number of employees: 1,577
Anthony Schneider VP Procurement
Andy Broce
Anthony Acosta Poultry Buyer (Colorado Boxed Beef)
Bill Quirch, III
Brian Moore Purchasing Specialist
Claudia DeLaCruz Poultry Buyer (Quirch)
Dannie Cummings Sales Executive
David Abadin Senior Retail Category Manager
David De Paz
Drew Shaub
Eddy Garcia
Edgar Aray
Eduardo Quirch
Frank Grande
Gerardo DelaLuz
Greg Morgan
Greg Morgan Senior Poultry Category Manager
Gustavo Ojeda
Javiel Lopez Human Resources
John Hazzard
Karla Seguias Export Sales Manager
Keith Hernandez
Kevin Miller
Kristin Ruff Export purchasing manager
Mabel Moreno
Magali Castiello
Maribel Sanchez
Mauricio Quirch
Orlando Matiz
Ralph Perez
Richard Terlouw
Sam Ortiz
Stewart Stevens Poultry Category Manager
Tom Braun Poultry Buyer (Colorado Boxed Beef)
Victor Tarafa Poultry Buyer (Quirch)
NPFDA Logo Distributor