Organization Overview

Agrosuper is leading protein provider specializing in chicken, pork and turkey, with a strong international presence. We believe in adding value to every detail, from the creation of our animals’ feed to the distribution of our products. We are one of the few vertically integrated meat producers. For over 65 years of experience in the industry, we strive to guarantee excellence in every bite!
Chris Geiger Sales Director
Andres Burgos Country Manager Mexico
Angel Jara Controller
Benjamin Alberto Galilea Hagel Market Manager
Damon Paolozzi Sales Manager
Diego De Juliis Logistlics
Facundo Porolli Commercial Management
Fernando Juan Senior Sales Manager
Francheska Rivera Logistics
Francisco Eyzaguirre Commercial Management
Gloria Ponce Brand Manager
Ismael Eguia Commercial Intelligence
Jason Slider Sales Manager
Joaquin Vilajuana Country Manager USA
John Luer Management - International Sales
Jonathan Hall Sales Manager
Jose Ernesto Devarez Sales Manager
Jose Guzman
Jose Tomas Ovalle Sales Director
Jumel Dauz Logistics
Karolina Santana
Kyle Kozeny Senior Sales Manager - Midwest Territory
Lauren Barzola Administration
Marco Karam Sales Manager Mexico
Muguel Angel Vallejo Alcocer Sales Manager
Nicolas Rosenfeld Regional Manager NAR
Paulina Errandonea
Rodrigo Boniaris Logistics
Sebastian Correa
Stella Vassoler Trade Marketing Manager
Steven Villada Sales Manager
NPFDA Logo Processor

Products & Services
Frozen Chicken, Frozen Turkey, Frozen Pork, Chicken Breast, Chicken Tenders, Turkey Breast, Chicken Wings, Distribution-General
Areas of Expertise
Distributor, Processor (Other), Processor (Turkey), Processor/Distributor