Meeting the changing demands of today’s chicken consumer

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Wayne Farms is using how its broilers are fed and raised as a point of product differentiation.

To stay relevant to conscientious consumers looking for antibiotic-free and humanely raised products, Wayne Farms is changing the way it raises some of its flocks.

Wayne Farms LLC, the nation’s seventh largest integrated poultry company, is known as primarily a supplier to foodservice companies, but it is moving into the consumer facing market with its Naked Truth product line.

“Conscientious consumers want to know where their food comes from, and they continue to raise the bar regarding animal welfare,” Tom Bell, vice president and general manager of prepared foods at Wayne Farms, said in a May 2019 release announcing Naked Truth’s launch in 425 Whole Foods Market stores. “They’re paying more attention to labels, and they’re opting for high quality chicken products sourced from flocks whose care has been verified by a trusted third party. Naked Truth products are literally made to order for that consumer.”

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