Alternative proteins hampered by lack of transparency

Posted By: Roy Graber Industry News, Member News,

The demand for alternative protein products may have appeared to be growing few years ago, but the novelty is wearing off, said Maeve Webster, CEO of Menu Matters.

While speaking during the 2022 Animal Agriculture Alliance Stakeholders Summit on May 11 in Kansas City, Missouri, Webster cited recent research that offered a look into trends involving meat and poultry alternatives like plant-based proteins.

The survey Webster referenced showed that alternative protein categories may be seen as “less scary” than they were two years ago, as 62% of those surveyed said they have tried alternative proteins, compared to two years earlier when only 42% said they had tried them. And of that 62%, nearly two-thirds said they would continue to purchase such products. But, she added that the vast majority of those will continue to consumer traditional meat and poultry, while only consuming the alternative products “every once in a great while.”

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