Arcadia FLOCK Team Champions MedCamp’s Mission

Member News,

ROSE HILL, NC – July 12, 2023. For nearly 10 years, the House of Raeford Farms FLOCK team in Arcadia, Louisiana has provided support for MedCamps of Louisiana. Through its series of summer programs, MedCamps creates a world of fun for kids with special needs. Their mission is to improve the health and wellness of people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities through unique recreational and educational camping experiences!

Over the years, FLOCK has donated food and served themed meals to the campers. We have participated in camp clean-ups and helped to raise funds during the Fall Bash Carnival. This year we donated $2,000 to sponsor four evening meals May through August. The MedCamps kitchen staff prepares the dinners and FLOCK volunteers serve the food to hungry kids.

At MedCamps, all campers have one thing in common – a similar mental or physical disability. Whether it be autism; seizure disorders; hearing, speech or vision impairments; cognitive disabilities; or some other challenge, there is a place for each child. On the campgrounds, counselors promote equality, and all differences are set aside so kids can just be kids. Children who would normally have limited opportunities for outdoor activity are able to kayak or fish on the lake, ride horses, experience the thrill of zip lining, shoot with a bow and arrow, and even show off their talents in dancing and karaoke.

“These are things most parents could not accommodate or afford themselves,” said Thomas Edwards, who serves as chaplain for the employees of House of Raeford’s Arcadia complex. As an associate with Corporate Chaplains of America, Thomas has an even more intimate connection with MedCamps. His daughter Amelia who lives with a disability has been a camper there for several summers. “Amelia is able to interact with children who are facing similar challenges and experience a special joy during the week,” Edwards continued. “The heart and compassion of each staff member is so special and makes all the difference.”

Since its founding in 1987, MedCamps has never charged a fee for campers to attend their camps. “This is made possible by the generous support and volunteerism of corporations like House of Raeford,” shared Caleb Seney, executive director of MedCamps of Louisiana. “We are grateful for the continued assistance. You make all the difference in the lives of children living with chronic illnesses and disabilities.”

This partnership has become a passion for the FLOCK volunteers. Mitzi Gaddy, quality assurance manager for House of Raeford’s Arcadia operation, says it this way, “You can see the joy in the kids, in their smiles, and how everyone treats each other the same with no

judgement. That is what makes this place such a worthwhile and rewarding place for us to volunteer.”



Dave Witter