Fried chicken with a claw needs to get a grip on welfare

Posted By: Elizabeth Doughman Industry News,

Fast casual concept Birdbox uses an unusual fried chicken sandwich with the claw attached to make a statement about poultry welfare.

“Disconcertingly, chickens produced in the industrial poultry factories are often so battered that their legs and heads must be removed. Years of these practices has allowed all of us to become accustomed to and readily accept chemically sterilized and detached pieces of meat,” partners Chris Bleidorn and Aarti Shetty told Restaurant Business.

According to the Birdbox website, sourcing whole animals helps the fast casual ensure the quality of the meat, emphasize the tastiest aspects of each part through precise cooking and develop a more sustainable menu. The free-range, organic and pasture-raised fried chickens sourced for Claude the Claw come from Pasturebird and Mary’s Chicken.

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