Make Regifting Purposeful

Posted By: Alina Cooper Member News,

That’s right…let’s remove the negative stigma of regifting by recycling your holiday gifts to fund scholarships for deserving students. Donate your unwanted gift to the National Poultry and Food Distributors Association Scholarship Foundation’s Silent Auction to be held January 27, 2021 during the Annual NPFDA Awards Reception.

When you donate your regifted item to NPFDA you don’t have to worry about re-wrapping the gift or regifting to the original gifter – which can be embarrassing.

Even Dave Ramsey approves by offering tips and hints on what makes a good regifted gift: 

  1. New household items, such as small appliances, dish towels or blankets 
  2. Bath products, such as soaps, lotions, or bubble baths (create a luxury spa basket) 
  3. Gift cards (check to make sure the balance hasn’t expired, and the card isn’t personalized to you) 
  4. Unopened gift baskets 
  5. Books in excellent condition 
  6. Unopened perfume and fragrances 
  7. Jewelry 
  8. Board games, toys, and puzzles (create a game night themed basket)

So, if you are interested in sending a regifted item, be sure to consider donating something that someone would want. Please don’t donate anything used, personalized or handmade. Avoid regifting obscure books, fruitcake, promotional items like pens and ball caps, or anything you disliked when you received it. 

Remember cash donations are always accepted. Donate today!