Are You Tired of Accepting Annual Rate Increases on Your Truck Leases?

Posted By: Ryan Hayes (deleted-1) (Deleted) Member News,

If you operate trucks under full-service lease agreements, you likely recently received annual rate increase notifications.  Your rates are not increasing because your trucks are getting older.  You are already pre-paying for the increased maintenance cost in the later years of your lease in your mileage rate.  Your rates are going up because your lessor’s costs of doing business (parts, labor, etc.) are going up with inflation.

Do you wonder if these increases are reasonable?  If they are correct?  If they are justifiable through the terms of your agreements?  In most cases rate increases do more than cover your lessor’s increased costs of doing business – they add to their profitability at your expense.

Since 1973, IFM has been working with businesses like yours to ensure full service truck lease relationships are fair and reasonable to both parties while maximizing the profitability of YOUR BUSINESS.

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For a no-risk, objective opinion as to the validity and reasonability of your full-service lease agreements please contact me, Ryan Hayes, directly or you may contact us.