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As the dedicated energy experts to both you and your members, we are here to help during this uncertain time as we face COVID-19 as a nation. Per our constant energy market analysis, this is an opportune time for your members to consider engaging with us as the market continues with record low energy prices. We do want to continue to serve your members with the utmost of professionalism, we wanted to get some feedback from you as we continue with business in our “new-normal” way.  Please provide your thoughts regarding your membership to the following questions:

  1. Are your members currently operational? If so, how is this affecting their operations?
  2. Would your members be willing to discuss their energy plan and look for any cost saving potential?
  3. Is there anything else we should be aware of?

We are all in this together and here to help anyway we can. Here is an informative article on the current status of the energy market and how COVID-19 is impacting prices and forecasts: