JJS builds a duck dynasty

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In 1933 Bronislaw and Katarzyna Jurgielewicz founded one of the first duck farms in the United States in Long Island, NY. Bronislaw and Katarzyna’s sons, three brothers, took over the farm. One of those brothers was Joe Jurgielewicz Sr., who eventually sold his shares of the farm and retired.

“During that time my father, ‘Doctor Joe’ [Joe Jurgielewicz II], was in veterinary school at Cornell University and after he graduated, he had duck in his blood,” said Joey Jurgielewicz III, head of business development at Joe Jurgielewicz & Son LTD (JJS Duck), Hamburg, Pa. “The only thing he wanted to do was become a duck farmer again. So that’s how he and my grandfather restarted the Jurgielewicz farm here in Pennsylvania.”

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