El Pollo Loco’s Abuela dispenses chicken wisdom on TikTok

Posted By: Elizabeth Doughman Industry News, Member News,

There’s a new grandmother in town and she’s sharing all of her unsolicited hot takes and cheeky commentary on chicken. 

The “Abuela Approved” campaign from El Pollo Loco, acknowledges the unique bond between grandparent and grandchild, with a heavy dose of relatability. In the series of TikTok videos, Abuela shares her sassy commentary on a range of buzzworthy pop culture moments, social media trends and El Pollo’s L.A. Mex cuisine. 

Food is how many grandparents show their love, even if they do it in unconventional ways. For example, in my family, my father is famous for the grilled cheese and tomato soup that he makes for his grandsons, my nephews.

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